Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sunday Funday!

I have decided that I really cannot finish a week of training and be ready for the next without at least one yoga session. This is odd, because before Y-Tri, I really wasn't that focused on yoga. I was a fair-weather yogi, if you will. Now, if I don't get my weekly fix my body becomes way to tight to start off a new week of training fresh and focused. My solution is "Sunday Funday."

Since I'm a poor non-profit employee, and am already spending every spare cent on tri gear, I've taken advantage of lululemon's free yoga. It's great! The location closest to me (Logan Circle) has theirs every Sunday morning at 10am. Every week you get a different instructor who usually represents different studios around the city, which helps keep the class fresh and new. You never really know what kind of workout to expect. Though the difficulty is always welcoming to all levels, I have learned at least one new move a week since starting. So now, every Sunday, I have a standing date with my girlfriends, Abby and Alex, to meet up for yoga, followed by a chat about our week over brunch. Perfection: a bit of a work out, lots of stretching, and socializing with some great girls.

Your Goal of The Week: Make your homework fun!

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