Friday, April 30, 2010


So as I mentioned in my last post, due to travel plans, I needed to rev it up last week to make sure I was fitting in as much as possible. I found out that there is a small group (4-5 vets) who get together every Friday and do the 6am Tri Spin Class and then do this arm/ab program that has been loving named RAW (I believe it stands for: Ron's Ab/Arm Workout). So I figured "Perfect! I get an extra 2 workouts for the price of one, and might make some new friends in the process."

I was a bit intimidated doing a hard core spin class the day after a brick but what was worst that could happen? I was pleasantly surprised that after 5 minutes of warming up my muscles, that were creaking minutes earlier, they seemed to perk up to the challenge. After losing about 5 lbs in pure sweat, we headed out and the RAW group got me started. Below is what we did:

10 Regular Push Ups
Ab Set (look below)
10 Regular Push Ups
Ab Set
20 Off Set Push Ups (One hand is higher than the other. 10 for each side.)
Ab Set
20 Off Set Push Ups
Ab Set
10 Diamond Push Ups (Make a diamond with your two index fingers & thumbs)
Ab Set
10 Diamond Push Ups
Ab Set
10 Wide Push Ups (Place arms much wider than a normal push up)
Ab Set
10 Wide Push Ups
Ab Set


10 Leg Ups (Lay on your back, legs up at 90 deg. Lift butt & legs straight up)
10 Arm Reaches (Stay in same position and reach arms as if to touch your toes)
10 Leg Lowers (Stay in same position and lower legs to the floor, don't rest on floor, and back up)
30 Bicycles (In crunch position reach right elbow to left knee and alternate back & forth)
45 Normal Crunches (Feel free to improvise here and do what you feel like)

On the Pull Up Machine find a comfortable weight setting to start and plan on cutting 5-1o lbs a week.

10 Pull Ups
10 Chin Ups
10 Dips

Do this 3 times.

Follow this up with 2 sets of 30 push ups

*I am no hero and know that I have 10 times better form and will get much more out of doing "girl push ups" (knees on ground), so I do. But if you choose to do this, make sure you body is straight and not bent at the hips.

Do not be intimidated with the numbers. Take you're time and do it at any pace you'd like. It really isn't as bad as it looks... trust me!

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