Friday, April 30, 2010

Dealing with Real Life

The one reality I constantly am dealing with when it comes to the tri training is my schedule. Because of work or family obligations, I cannot necessarily make it to every clinic, ride or get-together. For example, this weekend I'll be up in Hartford, CT with my family to support my sister's newest theatre debut (her first time as a director!). This alone would mean a solid 5 weekdays of training to compensate for the weekend of sitting in airplanes, theatres and restaurants (not to mention the diet change). But on top of that, this Saturday the YMCA set up a Mock Tri for us to see how far we've come. How cool is that! Let's just say I'm not thrilled to be missing out, but at the same time I can't beat myself up for every time I can't attend. Training has practically become my second job. Of course there will be conflicts. The best I can do is prepare and not miss too much.

So this week I was on point:
Monday - Swim Training
Tuesday - Run Group
Wednesday - Yoga
Thursday - Brick (Spin Class & 5 mi run)
Friday - Extra Spin Class & RAW (arms/abs)

So technically I've done my two runs, and two spins, but I could only get to one swim (Each week the goal is 2 of each). But I also added yoga and weights to help balance out the cardio. Is it perfect? No, but it's darn good! Ideally I'd like another run & swim, but since I know it will be impossible for me to find a pool in Hartford, I'll have to settle for sneaking out early one morning and getting in a quick jog before the fam is ready for breakfast. (Side note: one of the only things I like about Hartford, other than my sister, is Bushnell Park, home of the State Capital building... it's GORGEOUS!)

Either way, I wanted to share what I WOULD be doing if I wasn't going out of town.

1500m swim in the pool (30 laps or 60 lengths). You will split a lane with one other swimmer. Volunteers will be there to time you and count your laps.

T1: Change into biking gear in pool lobby, take everything with you to the spin gym, leave your gear outside the spin gym (remember to leave your running stuff handy) and start the bike leg.

Bike: One hour of spin. Volunteers will track your start time and send you out as your hour is up. It would be a good idea to try to keep track of the hour on your own as well.

T2: Outside the spin gym, change into your running stuff and head out of the Y.

Run: Five+ miles down Connecticut Ave to the Washington Monument, around the back, down and around the Mall then back up 15th to the Y:

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