Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Breaking Records With No Breaks

Ok, so it might not be an incredible record... but I swam over a mile in this weeks training session! Usually we finish out at 1650 meters (1 mile). This week I didn't even notice that we added on an extra 150 meters and where exactly did our breaks go?

300 m - Warm Up

150 m - Zipper Drill (Drag your hand up the side of your body, and then drag your fingers along the top of the water until you reach your full extension and continue your stroke)

50 m x 3 - Sprints (Sprint the entire distance. You have 1 minute for each sprint, so your rest depends on how fast you get back.)

200 m - Kick Drill w/ Board

200 m - Pull Drill w/ Float

150 m x 5 - Non-Stop Swim w/ 15 sec breaks between reps

50 m - Cool Down

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