Thursday, April 29, 2010

Oops! Last weeks run...

Last week at work was so overwhelming (Earth Week and I work at an environmental non-profit... yea...) I guess I thought I was lucky enough to get out to the run. So here is the route!

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This route was really intense simply because the entire way was an incline or decline. There was almost no flat road, so you really started working those slightly different muscles that are used to only chiming in once in a while versus constantly for long distances.

Also, there was a discussion this week between some of the newbies with concern that we actually haven't gone on a 6 mile run (race distance is 6.2 mi). I've read that as long as you train for 3/4 of the distance for each sport you'll be prepared for race day... but I'd kind of like to know that I can run 6 mi alone let alone after the swim & bike. Something to think about...

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