Friday, April 30, 2010

Brick - Surprise Yourself

After feeling so sluggish on Tuesday's group run, I was not necessarily feeling uber optimistic about Thursday's brick. To add insult to injury, on Wednesday I decided to pull myself together with a yoga session. This usually helps my body come back into alignment, stretches out all the kinks, and makes me feel stronger in my core. Instead, I accidentally ended up in a higher level class then I'm used to, and before I knew it, we were attempting random poses (lots of back bends!) I've never heard of and the always feared head stands. So instead of being placed back into a calm, cool and collected state, I left banged, bruised and bewildered.

So needless to say, I was surprised how much my body bounced back and how successful this weeks brick turned out to be. After the usual 45 min. spin we did a 5 mile run, and I have to say I finished strong! Grant it a long and slow stretching session was mandatory after the last couple days, but I really felt proud of what I accomplished.

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