Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Perfect Morning

Well, it didn't start out that perfect. Because my apartment complex rocks (dripping with sarcasm) they have yet to turn on the AC. This means, last night when I was dutifully going to bed at 10pm (Thurs are my earliest trainings) it was a balmy 82 deg in my bedroom. Long story short, with the heat, my windows open, blinds rustling, sounds of the city plus a ceiling fan that squeaks like a scared piggy... I did not get much sleep. Come 5am when the alarm went off, I was firmly set on not going to training. It was going to be a long day and I needed to grab as much shut-eye as possible. So I stubbornly lay there willing myself to fall back to sleep. But the guilt! Oh the guilt would not let me lie. So after a full 10 minute argument with myself about how much I was going to regret this, I finally sprinted out of bed, through on clothes and off to the bus stop.

Needless to say, I'm SO happy I did. I wasn't going to get much more sleep anyway, and the endorphin high will have a MUCH higher probability of getting me through the day.

Brick #2
Today's brick was very similar to last weeks. We did a 45 minute spin session, very heavily focused on strength training which means lots of hills and peddling through peanut butter (For a moment I actually thought I pulled a butt muscle!). Followed by a run. But instead of the 30 minutes (3 miles) we did last week, we did 4 miles.... a hilly 4 miles. But again, it surprised me how much easier it was to get to my faster pace due to the fact that there was no first mile struggle to warm up your body after just getting out of bed.

AND we were running right to my house! AWESOME! I was able to run four miles and end up at home. I forgotten how much easier/enjoyable it is to shower and get ready for my day at home rather than a locker room during the 8am rush. Not only did I just jump in the shower and go... no no... I had time to do a nice yoga/stretch session on my patio AND cook myself a pretty impressive looking omelet to enjoy while reading my new book and sipping tea. It rocked!

So this morning was pretty perfect morning... and I think it actually makes it that much more awesome that it all started with me pushing myself up and out when I really really really just wanted to skip. *Pat on the back*

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