Thursday, February 23, 2012

Triing to Keep Up

So due to scheduling conflicts I will not be doing my swim training with YTri. Instead I am going to be joining a Master Swim program in my neighborhood. There has been a bit of a delay in the start so until next week I will be swimming alone. Luckily swim workouts are not hard to come by. 

Since I had no group to swim with and a flexible schedule I figured I'd just add on a swim workout after this mornings run group. The Thursday morning (vets/faster) run group did the same route as Tuesday's except instead of two or three catching up with me on the hill, the whole pack swept past me... but that's fine. The whole reason I am running with both groups is because I'm officially in pace limbo. I'm pretty fast for the Tuesday group but definitely slow for the Thursday group. And, most importantly, I was not the last! I was definitely one of the slowest... but NOT last. 

Here is what I ended up doing for the swim... 
400 swim easy
300 alternate 50 kick drill, 50 swim
200 catch up drill
100 finger tip drag
5 x 200 swim at 75 - 80% on 4:00 (adjust interval if needed, you should get around :20 rest)
100 warm down
Total: 2100m

Here are some great videos describing the two drills in this workout:

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