Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Speed Training

Today's challenge in our running group was speed training. Now all I ever think of when I hear those ever feared words is - Sprints! I hate sprints! I have since I joined my 3rd grade soccer team. Luckily, that's not what we were doing at all. What we were doing are called "fartleks"... yea... try to say that with a straight face. There is a whole theory behind fartleks that is much more eloquently explained in this article that I ironically read two days ago.

How it translated for us: We ran down to the Eclipse and basically ran laps with 1 min of fast "push your red line" (my coach chanted) pace and then 2 min active recovery jogging. Absolutely no stopping. We did 5 laps of the Eclipse and I lost track of how many reps but I think about 10 or so. The cool thing about this is what is "fast" for me is not necessarily what's "fast" for everyone else. It allows you to really personalize your own training and push your body to it's personal next level.

So next time you only have time for a shorter run, mix it up with your version of farlets and get much more out of your time on the asphalt!

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