Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Beating the Mind Games

I would just like to take a second to reiterate the importance of workout buddies. This morning we had a pretty tough run, and ironically the 3 different women I usually pace with and my best friend were all MIA. "Oh well... no one to chat with" I thought, thinking that the extent of my suffering would be boredom. I was quickly reminded just how much running with someone else affects your performance. Not only do they distract you from the monotony and the fact that you are technically exercising, but they also keep you out of your own head. When you have nothing else to do but focus on each step and each breath, suddenly you feel so much more tired than you usually would. The idea of just stopping becomes an option. Your are now not only fighting the hill, but you are also fighting yourself. I was reaching this point around mile 3, which I find even more sad considering I was running down hill at that point.

But just when I thought I couldn't take one more step, Arthur came up from behind me saying "Looking strong!" Side note: I can not get over just HOW supportive and motivating everyone is in this Y-Tri program... even if they don't know you from Adam. He and I ended up running the rest of the way together. He, who has legs for days and usually zooms past me like the Road Runner, was suffering as well, but him going on about how hard this run was just motivated me to motivate him and we ended up not only finishing, but finishing strong!

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