Friday, May 7, 2010

The Little Before the BIG

Not that I'll ever consider our weekly bricks (spin class followed by several miles of running) anything resembling "little", but this Saturday we will be doing our first Full Brick. A full brick is when you take 2 of the 3 sections of the Tri and complete them in their entirety with a practice transition in between. So Saturday morning at 7am we will be lining up barefoot (simulating just getting out of the swim portion) to complete a 25 mile bike followed by a full 6 mile run. *Gulp* Stay posted to see if I survive! Ok, that wasn't very optimistic... Redo: Stay posted to see how well I do!

Anyway, this week (for the first time in a while) we didn't run any significant hills in our weekly brick session! It was wonderful! After a cadence (pedal rotations/speed) focused 45 min spin class, we took off down to the mall, over to the Capital and back up to the Y. All in all, about a 5.5 mile run.

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