Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Motivation... where art thou?

As you can tell by the break in my posting, I have been struggling with motivation these last 2 weeks. I can't explain it more than I am just overall exhausted. Not just because of physically pushing myself, but also juggling work, training and life, getting up early almost every day, and having to get everything done before my embarrassingly early bedtime. After pulling this off for 3+ months with gusto... I feel like I'm finally hitting the wall. I'm over it. But I've come so far, and, like the smart girl I am, have set up parachutes for myself for such anticipated situations. For example, I made a point to tell anyone who would listen early on that I was training for a triathlon. So now people are constantly checking to see how it's going. The only thing harder than pushing through training with no motivation is telling your friends and family that you quit. This blog in itself is another example of that. Also making a point to befriend people in my training program helped. Now I don't only see them at the gym, but out socially. Surrounding yourself with your team and people who are going through the same issues is always helpful. Everyone has solutions to offer, or at least a shoulder to lean on. Plus it doesn't hurt that you can't face going to happy hour if you skipped the run group that morning... you know they'll ask why.

So the solution: go through the motions until the motivation returns and remind myself why I started this, where it will take me, and how awesome it's going to feel when I can say I did it!

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