Thursday, March 25, 2010

Tri-ing to find the beat...

Had the head of Y-Tri program (pure cyclist at heart) sub in as the spin coach this morning. It was a ridiculously hard class with ridiculously bad music! So hard to push yourself to limit when all you can think is "what the heck am I listening to?" And as nice as it was to mix things up, I had a nagging feeling in the back of my head reminding me that next week we start bricks. So after crawling off the bike next Thursday, we all get to head out for a 30 minute run. Don't get me wrong, I do get the importance of this. One of the horrors I hear most often about tri's is the physical transition from bike to run. Your leg muscles get all confused after pushing certain ones for 40k and them asking them to use a completely different set immediately after... "Jello Legs". I can't help but think "Am I really ready for that?" At the same time, have I been "ready" for any of the hurtles I've tackled thus far? Like everything else I'll just have to go along and see what happens... wish me luck!

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