Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Racking up the Yards

Now that base building is done, our swim class is incorporating less drills and more yards per exercise. Basically working to get us used to less breaks. Yes, technically we swim about a mile each class, but there will be no shallow end, or side of the pool to take a breather at in the race.

Here's what we did yesterday:

300 yard warm up

150 x2 Continuous Swim (20 sec rest between sets)-make sure not to pause in any way when changing directions at the end of the pool.

150 x2 Kicking w/ Board (30 sec rest between sets)-
face in the water, taking a stroke when you need to breath. Long arms, kicking from the hips, alternate side breathing.

100 Kicking on your Back w/Board-clutch board to your chest and focus on kicking from your hips

150 x2 Pulls (20 sec rest between sets)-Place a float between your legs and only use your arms, focusing on form.

50 x4 Sprints-
25 yrd sprint at 100%, 25 yrd swim back at 75%. You have 1:30 to complete, whatever time you have left over is your rest before the next 1:30 starts.

150 Cool Down

Yardage = 1650 = 1 mile!

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