Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My Fall Funk

Between the title and my lack of posting I'm pretty sure you have a clue as to what this post is about. Fall is not my friend. Yes, I concede it is beautiful and on these first few days in October the weather is fresh and crisp and all that jazz. But something about this season always throws my world just slightly off kilter. I'm sure part of it is the Florida girl inside of me that is mourning the loss of summer and dreading the next 6 months of layers, slush and cold. I also just began my masters program. Yet again I am trying to find my footing: making a schedule that I can stick by, readjusting to working at home, figuring out which of the 5 computer labs on campus actually have the stupid statistics program I need for class...

Also, my runs with the girls have gone from fresh summer morning jaunts to trudging in pitch black coldness.Those adventurous trail runs are now out of the questions since we can barely see our hands in front of our faces let alone watch the path. I also had to dig in the back of my closet to pull out running layers. Instead of just throwing on my tank and shorts, I now have to check the temperature each morning to decide what to run in.

Then there is planning out my training for a marathon next march. I've compared and contrasted a zillion training programs and have been devouring as many tips and training articles I can on top of my readings for school.  When I finally started to feel confident on what I needed to do and how I was planning on doing it, it hit me that I was going to be doing all of this during the winter. I mean I KNEW it was going to be winter, but it suddenly occurred to me what that really meant: layers of running gear, mostly running in the dark, less running partners to choose from, and God forbid we get hit by another snowpocalypse!

*sigh*   Ok, that is the end of my rant... I will now move forward and suck it up!

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