Friday, July 30, 2010

Another Resolution Accomplished

(Me in front of the Giza Pyramids during our last trip - 2004)

I am checking off yet another New Year's resolution this week: I'm traveling to Egypt and Turkey for a 3 week vacation!

I have also just signed up for the Sandman Sprint in VA Beach for Sept 19. The race is a month after I return from the Middle East. I'm hoping that this will be perfect for refocusing and whipping my body back into shape. After all the hard work I've done, the last thing I want is to slip right back into bad habits. Many people talk about how to squeeze in workouts while abroad. Though it would be great, I am also trying to be realistic. Plus for the two weeks we are in Turkey I have us so booked we'll probably be averaging 4-5 miles of walking a day. I'm not overly concerned about how much endurance I'll lose during the trip, but rather jumping back into the game come my return.

What ever I am able to squeeze in or any tips I pick up along the way, I'll be sure to post once back in the states. Until then...

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